LED Bathroom Mirror Cabinet Sees Your Beauty

- Apr 12, 2020-

The mirror is a household product that can be used every day by everyone in every family. In recent years, smart mirrors that can adjust the light are very popular. You can match the light according to the environment and personal preferences, from brightness to hue. Adjustment, for consumers, can freely adjust the lights they need, which is really a beautiful thing.

Recently, San Ying has created a bathroom mirror cabinet full of wisdom, professional lighting effects, one-key defog function, intimate large-capacity storage, simple shape design, equipped with a sophisticated home environment for you to enjoy The charm of technology.

So what black technologies are hidden in this LED bathroom mirror cabinet?

It can be seen from the styling that the appearance is square, the design is extremely simple, the lines are smooth, and the colors are also fashionable and versatile.

There must be lights in the mirror, otherwise when we usually make up, we will not see the details of the face when we look in the mirror and cause many inconveniences. San Ying LED bathroom mirror cabinet has intelligent lighting support. The mirror light is a high-density light strip composed of 252 LEDs. The brightness reaches 600Lux, and it supports electrodeless adjustment of 2700K-6500K color temperature and electrodeless adjustment of brightness. It supports simulation of various scenes. The light always keeps you in the best makeup in different scenes. Evening parties, outing trips, sunny days and overcast skies can achieve the effect of simulating the display of makeup under various environments, and always have a variety of shapes and moods. Not only that, you can also collect these various personalized lighting modes that are suitable for you. It is an indispensable weapon for the beautiful girl.

The big pain point of bathroom mirrors is that the mirror surface will be covered with mist when taking a shower, especially in winter. This kind of water vapor condenses and forms water droplets and attaches to the glass. I believe many people have encountered it. The mirror of San Ying LED bathroom mirror cabinet supports one-key defogging function. You can turn on this function before bathing, so that you can always take care of the skin while taking a shower. In addition, this function also supports delay automatic shutdown, even if you take a bath After forgetting to turn off, the defogging function will be automatically turned off after two hours of defogging, which is safe and energy-saving.

Not only that, San Ying LED bathroom mirror cabinet also supports APP, which can interact through the APP, and there is no pressure on voice operation. For users with smart home products at home, they can enjoy various smart control functions brought by smart home. In addition, the addition of professional light guide plates, no stroboscopic, no glare, timer switch mirror lights and other intimate small functions, make this product full of science and technology. It can be said that this mirror brings us a good experience in terms of gameplay, safety performance, functions and so on.

San Ying smart bathroom mirror cabinet can be configured as a whole set, or purchased separately. It is easy to combine and versatile home decorating design. In the design of the cabinet, it is also a minimalist modern style, the shape is still square, echoing with the mirror, both a beauty mirror and a storage cabinet, the overall effect is beautiful!

San Ying Smart Mirror Cabinet launched by San Ying can be said to be a cross-border cooperation between bathroom and lighting, and technology. It is a strong collaboration, focusing on providing consumers with an excellent technology experience in the era of interconnection of everything in the smart home.